“People Power” and “Live Young Die Fast

Name: Shahriansyah Candraditya

Number: 11014213

Dear Reader

My name is Chandra, and I am a second year student of Nagoya University Of Foreign Studies.  This semester, I am also part of Mrs. Claire Schadler’s English Writing-Integrated Studies class.  Similar to last semester’s class, this semester we also study about how to make a good essay. First, I want to explain the first essay I made.

The first essay I made is about people power and how people power take part in development of the country.  I put several example such as French Revolution that happen in July 14, 1789.  I also put example that related to modern problem such as economy and taxes.  As you know, English class in Japan is quite “soft” and not “challenging” much, but this essay was quite challenging for me and I was enjoy it so much.  Its good to make my rusted brain worked hard for once a while, Hahaha.

The second essay is about a smoking youngster and why they started smoking in the very early age.  Actually, this essay is kind of self introspection for me.  Why, beside i am smoker my self, it was junior high school first year when I smoked for the first time.  That’s why I decide to write something about young smoker and how to deal with this problem. This essay was not a problem for me, however, I did a fatal mistake not to put a quote for sentence i took from the internet. I thought i have to be much more careful in the future.

Overall, this class is fun and relax. But it does not mean that we don’t take seriously of this class. In addition, i think this class’s style is really suited with Japanese. Japanese students as we know, is quite rare to answer the question. With this kind of class’s style, students feel more relaxed to answer the question. And thanks to Mrs. Claire, she succesfully lead this class to make our English better.


Mrs. Claire, i heard you will leave Japan in near future, i am not sure if this is true or not.  If yes, thank you for being a wonderful teacher for us. I hope we can meet again in the future.

Best Regards


People Power

Recently, we often hear about revolutions that happen in many countries.  The current cases are Lybia and Egypt.  Revolution in many countries happened since ancient times.  Usually, revolutions happened because there is no longer a good relationship between the government and the people.  One of the most famous revolutions is the French revolution that happened on July 14, 1789.  I will show several reasons why people power is needed in order to change the country.

The first reason is not every government in the world is good and there are still many bad governments that corrupt and only think about themselves.  At this time, the only thing that can change the government are the people themselves.  No one who wishes to kill each other, especially if the enemy is their own countrymen.  However, sometimes we have to take drastic measures for the country’s sake.  As I mentioned above, the example I want to show is the French revolution that happened on July 14, 1789.  At that time, because of high taxes and poverty, the people of French stormed the Fortress of Bastille that represented the royal authority in the center of Paris.  Following this incident, the king and queen of France were guillotined in Paris.  This incident shows that people have the power to overthrow even the king of the country.

The example above is the last option if there are no choice left between the government and the people.  The second reason is people’s power is needed for the development of the country.  A good country exists because of good cooperation between the government and it’s people.  The simplest example is sanitation problems.  If people are willing to cooperate with the government to keep the city clean by not littering, the government will save money while keeping the citizens happy.  In addition, if the government is trusted by its people, everything the government plans for development will go smoothly without people’s complaints.  This example shows that without people’s power, development of the country will not be achieved.

The third and last example is about the economy.  The economy (money) that is supporting the country is mostly from its people.  Beside taxes, the biggest flow of money within the country is from people.  In addition, a country’s companies depend on the good cooperation with its worker to keep the production running smoothly.  Some incidents such as people’s mass strikes will disturb the economy and give the government a headache.  On the contrary, a without good and clean government, workers will not receive enough protection for their rights.  The point is, people’s power plays an important role in the country’s economy growth.

The conclusion is a government and its people is like a pair of butterfly wings.  Without good people, the country will be in chaos and bankcrupt, but without good government, the country is corrupt.  Therefore, without a good relationship and cooperation from each other, a country will not go toward a better future.  The conclusion is, the peole’s power is essential for a country’s future.

Live Young Die Fast

Recently, more and more people in the world begin to smoke at an early age.   According to American lung association’s website, most smokers try their first cigarette around the age of 11, and many are addicted by the time they turn 14.  In some developing countries such as Indonesia, there are several cases that even toddlers begin to smoke.  We can not ignore much longer this kind of a case.  However, it is not an easy job, especially for parents, to stop their kids from smoking.  For this matter, i believe that the best way to prevent the kids to smoke in early age is to understand the reason why they began to smoke.

People says, it is better to prevent than to cure.  In this era, we can look for many ways to stop kids from smoking from the books, or the articles on the internet.  However, as we can see, there are more articles to stop young smokers from smoking than to prevent it.  In addition, each year, the age of young smokers to begin smoking became lower and lower.  This means that the articles does not really help to reduce young smokers.  That is why I think, the best way to reduce young smokers is to look at the root of the problem first.  Why do young people start smoking in the first place?

First, the common cause is because the parents are smokers.  It is normal for the kids to look up to their parents.  If the parents are smokers, kids will see that smoking is a normal thing to do.  In addition, if kids grow up in a smoker family, they will be familiar with smokers and cigarettes.  In some countries, even parents tolerate or even encourage their kids to smoke.  Looking at this, we can prevent kids from smoking by apply a heavy fine to parents if they caught smoking around their kids.

If the first reason is about domestic problems, the second reason is when the kids from nonsmoking families meet the cigarette for the first time, the school.  The pressure or desire to smoke is stronger when we see our friend smoking rather than our family member smoking.  The first time, kids will start to smoke only because all of their friends are smoking and will be excluded if they do not follow their friends to smoke.  This is what we call peer influence or peer pressure.  We can prevent this by giving education to schools about how dangerous cigarettes are, or schools could apply a heavy punishment such as kick student out of school if caught smoking.

The third reason is the media.  If you watch TV, especially in a country that has many smoker, you will see a cigarette commercial every minute.  Beside that, the content of the commercial is clearly targeting teenagers.  The commercial often shows that smoking a cigarette is really cool, and by smoking you can be a real man.  I do not find a problem with cigarette companies putting a commercial everywhere even on TV, however, at least do not put the commercial in prime time or when children watch TV.  In addition, not only commercials, many sport events also supported are by cigarette companies.  Quite ironic isn’t it

On the other hand, the govenrment should pay attention to both cigarette companies and parents to reduce young smokers.  For me as smoker myself, I do not agree if government limit the right for people to smoke, however it is better if people who buy cigarettes are really people who are old enough to buy cigarettes.


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