Summer Holiday (by I Can)

Summer Holiday

Name: Shahriansyah Candraditya

My summer holiday was colorful, it was nice, bad, happy, sad and everything. I spent my summer holiday in Indonesia, my country. When I came back to Indonesia, I expected to meet with all my friends, but I don’t realized that everything change now. Many of my friends are busy with their university stuff, but luckily, some of my friends is holiday are same as me.

The time when I back to Indonesia is the same time when me as a Moslem had to do a fasting. Because of that, I spent my life like a batman, during the day I sleep, and at night I go outside with friends until 3 AM. It was fun, I feel like I free from all of stress that pressed me back in Japan. My grandmother was very upset about my batman lifestyle though.

In addition, after 30 days fasting, we as Moslems celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. It is the day when we end the fasting. After that, we do a tradition that we have to apology to each other for our mistake over the year. The tradition was very touching, peaceful, and beautiful. That tradition always made me want to cry so bad.
I discussed a lot of things with my friends, about life, about our idealism, about our dreams to do at the future, about business, and about love. There are many unforgettable things on my trip to Indonesia. One of the most memorable moments for me was when my friends and strangely my parent from the phone “forced” me to go to the house of girl who has been I liked since a long time ago. I first refused, beside she is really busy, I don’t know why that I who never have a problem to talk with a girl always afraid and nervous when I talk with her. At the end, 2 days before my departure to Japan, stupidly, I decided to go to her house. It was like I feel I am about to enter police office (I do not like Indonesian police). But surprisingly, I met her and we talked about an hour. After I back from her house, I am really happy not because I meet her, especially because I can overcome my nervous and afraid. It gave me a lot of confidence.

I went to many places when I am in Indonesia, one of them is Bali. Luckily, I have uncle who lived in Bali. Because of that, I do not need to pay my live expenses. Bali was beautiful, but not just Bali, Indonesia have a lot of another beautiful places, l hope I could realize my dream to go around Indonesia some day.


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