Negara adikuasa di mata anakku (英語で)

Ini hasil tugas anak,..tuker pikiran ama dosen native Amerika-nya. Hasil eyel2an yang cukup mengesankan bagi emaknya

Wednesday 2011 12 14

IcAn Mthrfckr

Hello Mrs. Jan this is your beloved student from Japanese department Candra. I hope you are doing well because most of people in NUFS got cold recently. Anyway, regarding controversial topic, I have a quite unethical question that I want to ask to American, and I think you are one of the wisest person I ever meet, so I feel comfortable to discuss such unethical matter. I want to ask your opinion as an American about USA’s invasion to Iraq, Afghanistan or another country with reason to preserve peace. I, maybe with many other people think that there is another “mysterious” reason behind that invasion, such as oil maybe. It make USA’s image bad. Even there are American who think in the same way such as Mr. David Letterman. He even state in one of his show (I watched it on Youtube) when he discuss this matter with Bill O’Reilly. Mr. Letterman expressed disgust with the war with say “So we’ve made a mistake in war, so we stay there and kill as many Americans as we possibly can?”, or, “It’s all about oil. That’s why we’re there”. Another example, one time I watched interview with young American Marine’s family who recently lost their son in Iraq war. They feel their son’s died is a waste since America doesn’t have an urge to war with another country, even that make many other country hate America. When I watched that interview, I think that the one who suffer is not only the invaded country, but also USA as invader. So here is a question that became my curiosity, why USA goes to many countries as a “superhero”? Is it not enough to be a superhero just in Hollywood? It is not impossible that USA’s government will order their soldier to go to Indonesia later. For me, I try to think neutral, because in every invasion or war, there are just a few people who hold a responsibility, and it is a few people who reap the benefits while the other suffer from war including the soldiers.

Tanggapan dari dosennya 先生からのコメント:

Hello there Candra!
Thanks for the wonderful e-mail opinion! Actually, I agree with you completely…..on everything. As I told you, I was rather a radical when I was younger. I think all of my friends were too.
After studying in Mexico for a long time, I realized how much Mexican people and other Latin Americans hated and feared my homeland. (At first, I couldn’t believe it!) But as I studied more about my country’s history (from a Latin American point of view), I saw how the USA had been, throughout its history in the Americas, truly imperialistic and inclined to use other countries for the USA’s own purposes. USA supported dictators in Nicaragua, Cuba, Guatemala, Chile…….an awful record!
Whether the “secret” purpose be oil or something else, my country always seems to be invading other countries and half-way destroying them in order to “keep peace.” (Of course,
many other large nations have done and continue to do that (Russia, China, and in the past most of the European nations……The Dutch had a long stay in Indonesia, didn’t they!)
I really hoped that Pres. Obama would change things, and I think he is trying to, but he has to be a “politician” and get elected again, so there are many things he wants to do but cannot. George Bush was the big “pusher” behind all the recent invasions…..His father just wanted to push Sadam Hussein out of Kuwait and then leave. Father Bush did that. But the son
wanted to be a “superhero”, as you say, and so did his VP (whom I really dislike!)….so they invaded Iraq. What a waste of lives! What destruction! It makes me so sad and so mad.
If the right wing people get into office in 2012 in the USA, get ready for more invasions. Cowboy mentality seems to prevail in about half of the populace of my nation.
(But the other half are not so bad; maybe I belong to the other half!)

Anyway, thanks so much for coming to Japan, coming to NUFS, being in my class, sharing your warmth and open-mindedness with the students and with me…..It is such a pleasure to know you. I will not be your teacher next year, but I will be at NUFS. So please visit me anytime, or send me email anytime. I will miss you in class, so keep in touch!
Spanish Lounge is Tuesdays at lunchtime. Drop in next year! Or maybe we should start a Bahasa Indonesia Lounge. I would like that a lot! Your friends would too.
We all appreciate you, Candra. Good luck in the Japanese Department. Get a tutor for compositions and reading……a private tutor! You are brilliant; you just need some strong direction.

Take care! Hasta la vista!


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